Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I take this course?
Hopefully, you will fine tune your attention and save lives on the road. You will learn new skills to make our driving community safer. As far as the legal system is concerned, the status of your ticket is ultimately dependent upon the discretion of the judge and district attorney. However, most people taking and completing our course receive the maximum ticket reduction allowed by the court system. More Importantly, you will possibly see a smaller or even no increase in insurance points/rates.
How long does the course take?
The course was designed to meet the court-required 4-6 hour minimum for instruction time. The amount of time it takes depends on your reading and comprehension ability. Some people prefer to do a few sections at a time while others prefer to complete the course in one sitting. The course is not timed so you can go as quickly or as slowly as you prefer.
Did I finish? Completion emails.
At the completion of the program we send out an email both confirming your completion and verifying mailing of the certificate to either you or your attorney. Your attorney (if known) is also copied on these completion emails. Completion emails are usually sent the next business day.
STEP 8 -Completion Status and USPS mailing.
We complete and mail your certificate the next business morning. After you complete steps 1-7 on the personal progress page, each step will be marked "completed". STEP 8 is completed by AlertDriver staff. After you receive a completion email, log back in and you will see STEP 8 has been marked "completed" — your certificate has been mailed via USPS and a completion email (see above) has been sent.
When do I get my certificate?
We generally mail your certificate the next business day after you complete the course. People in the Triangle area usually receive their certificate in about 2 business mailing days. Outlying areas may take a little longer.
Can I print my certificate upon completion of the course?
No, the certificates must be signed and officially stamped by AlertDriver. You cannot print your certificate from your computer.
Can you fax my certificate to me or my lawyer?
No, the court will not accept any document other than the original certificate, signed and stamped by AlertDriver.
My court date is tomorrow – what do I do?
In the very least, complete the program ASAP. Depending on your situation, you might be able to complete the course and make certificate arrangements or in other cases you might be able to request a continuance from the court. If you are using an attorney, contact your attorney to make them aware of your situation.
Are there any computer requirements?
There are several videos throughout the course which will require a higher speed internet connection. The slideshows and videos are approximately 2-3 minutes long. We do not recommend using a cell phone to do the program.
Can you send my certificate to my attorney?
Yes, we highly recommend sending your certificate directly to your attorney. They will need the original certificate to turn into the court on your court date. You can enter your attorney’s name and address into the shipping section during registration. There is also an additional prompt at the end of the course where you can change your shipping address information to your attorney’s address. We do not send certificates directly to the court system.
Can I get a copy of my certificate for my records?
By court mandate, we only produce one original copy. You or your attorney must present the original certificate in court. The certificate of completion can only be used once in court. A copy can be made for your records but is not eligible for use in court.
When Can I take the program?
The course is available 24/7. The username and password function allows you to start and stop as often as you wish to complete the program. The program remembers your progress and will begin where you previously left off.
Do I have to take the course all at once?
After registration, you will receive an email giving you your username and password. You may log in and out as many times as you need to complete the course. We recommend finishing a section before logging out so that you do not have to reread a specific section.
How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
The charge will appear on your credit card from Profile Associates/Alert Driver, Inc..
What if I don’t have a credit card?
You can also use a Visa Gift card purchased through any large chain store such as Wal-Mart and then use that card to register online.
What happens in court after I complete the course?
The district attorney will usually offer any offender several options. If a participant completes the class, he/she will often receive the maximum ticket reduction. You will present and turn in the certificate to the district attorney on your court day. This often means lower points on your driving record and lower or no points for insurance. The reduction is at the discretion of the district attorney and the judge presiding over your case.
What is the no-fail course model?
AlertDriver is modeled as an e-learning experience with immediate feedback and interactive questions. There are 39 sections. You will read a small section and then answer a question. If you answer the question correctly, you will move on to the next section. However, if you answer incorrectly, the software will highlight a section to read over. Your question will change slightly before you move on to the next section.
I did not get my username and password.
If we get bounce backs on our automated email to you, we will always try and contact you immediately. That is why it is important to leave a phone contact number when you register. Generally, you will receive the email with your username and password a few minutes after a successful registration. If you do not receive an email, please call (919 408-0745). If you leave a voicemail please state your last name slowly and clearly and provide us with a phone number.
Help! I cannot log on!
This rarely happens, but the most likely cause is an error in your username or password. Remember, the username and password are case sensitive. The best method is to copy and paste your username and password directly from our initial email onto the website when you register. It is important to fully retype or paste any new entries into the login boxes, autofill (if enabled) will often repeat any previous errors that were entered. If you still cannot log in, please call us at (919) 408-0745 or send an email.
I did not receive my certificate.
Please call us within three business days if you or your attorney has not received your certificate. We verify each mailing address certificate we send out along with the printing date and time. Please do not wait until the last minute to call.
Do I really have to do the surveys?
Yes. The surveys are educational tools that are used to give you individualized feedback about your attitudes and behaviors while driving. Answer them honestly. Your confidential answers are not graded in any manner. In the end, you will find out how you compare to other drivers in your community.
Is my information confidential?
Yes. We do not share or distribute any personal information: never have, never will. All information is strictly confidential. Any quotes from drivers in the program are anonymous. Our system is not connected with any state or federal government agency.