Steps for a New Alert Driver
Go to and click anywhere on the left side banner "AlertDriver Court (for Traffic Court)" to take you to the registration page.

You must have a valid email address, phone number and mailing address.
You must have a valid Visa or MasterCard for the registration fee of $58.00.
If you do not have a credit card, please call (919) 408-0745 to register.
You will receive an email with your username and password . Use these to log on to your Individualized AlertDriver Traffic Program at

If you do not receive a confirmation email within one day after registering, call (919) 408-0745 to verify your email address.
Please allow yourself time to complete the course (4-6 hours) and to receive a Certificate via U.S. Mail. Please call if you wish to pick up your Certificate at our Chapel Hill office.
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Complete the Online Survey of Driving Attitudes and Behaviors. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Answer as honestly as possible. The confidential results are not graded and become a teaching tool to give you individualized feedback at the end of the course.
Complete the AlertDriver program online and answer the interactive questions at the end of each section.

We use a "no fail" model, so there is no test at the end of the course.
If you incorrectly answer a question, the important sections of the text are highlighted and the question may change. Once you answer correctly, you will move on.
You may complete the reading in multiple sessions.
If you complete a chapter and log off, when you login again you will be taken to the beginning of the chapter following the last one you completed.
Be sure to play videos as they appear throughout the chapters.

Complete the On-Line Survey of Driving Attitudes and Behaviors a second time. The survey should take you about 15 minutes.

Please review your attitude and behavior changes about distracted and aggressive driving to see what you have learned and how you compare with other drivers.

Provide your feedback about this course by completing the Survey and Course Evaluations.

Your feedback is most appreciated and may be posted for other students. You participation will help improve road safety.
Congratulations! You have completed the AlertDriver course.

A Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you 1-2 business days after course completion.
Please remember that you must have an original Certificate with an AlertDriver Signature and Seal to present to the court.
We cannot fax a Certificate and you cannot print one from your computer.
You may request that your certificate be mailed to your attorney.
You or your attorney are responsible for delivering your certificate to the court. (Sorry, we cannot issue copies of your Original Certificate.)
Alert Driver completes step 8 in your progress page when your certificate is printed and mailed.