Client Feedback
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Listed below are actual comments received from course graduates:
"I'm not sure that I have any suggestions on improving the text. I would like to say however, that I thought this was going to be really boring and just a chore to get through but I really enjoyed it! It was surprisingly pleasant to go through. I was just doing this as a requirement for court but I really think this would be a great tool for anyone who has been driving for many years to go through. I wish I know about this before. I think I would have liked to do this just for a refresher. There is so much info in here that they don't teach you in driving school (at least I don't remember this but it was many years ago). I also think that ALL teenagers should be required to do this before they can get their license. All in all a GREAT experience. THANKS!"
"This should be taught in all schools before a teenager gets his/her license."
"The exercises were helpful and made me realize that I need to be more alert in driving. In addition, hurting others or hurting yourself is not worth trying to get to places faster or making a phone call."
"The book was very helpful and the exercises were useful. I also like that it was not too long or too short."
"This should be required for all drivers and in order to renew your driver's license. Even though more experienced drivers think they are always aware, we are constantly experiencing new distractions that may take away our visual attention. The text was very engaging."
"I think that the text was written very well. Thank you!"
"This is a really great course (even though I had to get a ticket to realize its benefit) … Obviously, I wasn't paying attention when I got my ticket but am grateful that it was a ticket and not an accident that got me to wake up."
"I really think more drivers should take this course, even if they don't get a ticket! This needs to be incorporated into the school system. Great course!!"
"I think the exercises gave great insight to daily situations and what really does happen while driving."
" … it's great to know that an old dog can learn new tricks!!"
"I liked it and thought it was insightful — Thanks"
"I wish all drivers were required to take this training every time they renew their driver licenses."
"My husband was with me much of the time I took the AlertDriver course and he is a big believer, and so am I … It was an easy read, but a very insightful and refreshing awareness review that I intend to practice."
"Well cited, well thought out and assembled. The exercises are appropriate as well, I think. Driver's Ed. was a long time ago for a lot of us and a refresher course with new research and focus techniques is quite valuable."
"The text in this book is excellent … more informative than what is basically learned in any drivers' education course."
"I think it was well put together. I would recommend this to be instituted as part of the curriculum for driver education. This would be beneficial to all who drive." … Patricia S.
"This was great! I learned a lot. The format of a small amount of information followed by a question is very effective. I also like the research that was described … overall, excellent! Thank you."
"Good refresher for someone like me who has not had driver's ed in a long time. Good reminder of how quickly situations can change. The videos are especially effective."
"The practice and conscious awareness of eye movements is incredibly helpful. I also practiced imagining hazards and "what if" thinking."
"I found exercises helpful because they teach the driver the science behind attentiveness as well as how to improve and what to avoid."
"The exercises were great. It gave me a lot of facts on what to do when I have a problem and what not to do. I really learned a lot."
"I thought it was well put together and the research described allowed me to believe the material and exercises."
"I think this is a great book and a great program. I've learned a lot, and I believe I will be a better driver as a result."
"Everything laid out in this text is relevant to everyday driving."
"The text in the book is very informative and relevant. Also very easy to follow. Will definitely share with my son who just got his permit! Thanks!"
"Loved the training. Time well spent. Thanks"
"I think this program is great. It really opened my eyes. I thought I was NASCAR caliber only to find out that I'm a narcissistic driver."