White Paper
White Paper 6: Student Reviews and Evaluation of a New Interactive Online Driver Education Course

The students were also asked to give comments about how useful they found the exercises and to offer advice on how we might improve the course. A sample of comments follow:

"These exercises were, indeed, useful and informative. Text was fine. I like the colorful texts and box inserts. Videos are a great touch!" - Male, 78
"The sports analogies really helped get the points across. The text was a great size. The tone was conversational, which helped keep my attention." - Male, 32
"Yes, I learned that I am not a perfect driver and have a lot to learn about driving. and that I want to live a great life and not die this young. I have a family and want a family of my own. I know that I am learning from this experience." - Male, 21
"I believe you all have done a great job. I enjoyed the videos especially. Thank you. I engage in risky behavior that I assumed was ok. I eat and sip on a soda while driving. I also mistakenly assumed a blue-tooth was safer than a hand-held phone." - Female, 28
"Really enjoyed the course. Loved the videos, which kept my attention." - Female, 35
"Learned that small actions equal big risks." - Female, 37
"I find all of the exercises useful. Very informative and something that will stick with me." - Male, 31
"I enjoyed the videos and all of the stats on driving … very interesting … great textbook and very helpful … I'll start using the exercises today." - Male, 55
"I think everything is clear-cut and scientifically backed up. I can see now how 2 seconds or more is a matter of life or death when driving." - Male, 23
"… I commend you for not making it too much like you're talking to a child. Overall well done." - Male, 20
"I thought that all of these exercises were informative and useful. I learned that speeding is not the answer and can only cause much more severe consequences." - Male, 44
"Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I actually enjoyed this exercise. This was well put together with valid research … lead with your eyes is a great new technique." - Female, 37
"Yes the exercises were useful especially the ones about tunnel vision. I thought the text was very informative and helpful." - Male, 40
"The information was very useful and easy to understand." - Male, 23
"… this course covered pretty much every aspect of safe driving. The visual aids, different techniques and teachings were quite invaluable." - Male, 29
"I think that the textbook is great and doesn't need any improving. I learned that I have some dangerous habits while driving and I am gonna start changing them now. Such as smoking and talking on the phone." - Female, 23
"All of the exercises were useful. I like the focus on what's important while driving. I think everyone who sees this slide show, will remember forever. Good work." - Male, 30
"The exercises were useful. The ones about triangle view, tunnel vision, and attention really taught me new skills. I can't think of any that's not useful." - Male, 23
"I normally drive day to day not thinking about the safety issues. This course has opened my eyes to many different things. Safe driving is not easy. I like the exercises. I also learned things to look out for. It helped me to open my eyes more while driving. This textbook is very good. Thanks." - Male, 19
"It has made me more aware of the bad things that can go wrong while you are driveing and I should always pay attention to street signs and speed limits. I think it's great - keep up the good work." - Male, 16
"I drive a school bus and I have to be aware of my surroundings. All of the exercises were useful and helped you to think of driving as a community and not as a selfish arrogant individual. I think that the text is great and that is all anyone needs to improve their driving. I learned that there are a lot of small things that we take for granted such as talking to our kids or talking on a cell phone that can make you a dangerous and unsafe driver." - Male, 43, school bus driver
"Yes they were useful in practice and in thought. Talking about them with my wife helped. I believe I have become more cautious and aware." - Male, 64
"All these exercises are very useful because they are real and easy to understand. This book is an ideal for improving people's driving skills. Driving safely is more important than arriving quicker." - Female, 51
"The book was good — it really did make me think and I definitely learned information that I didn't know. I learned that a lot of the questions on the survey were real life stuff and I respect it." - Male, 18